2006 World Champion Judging team

Indiana Youth Quarter Horse Judging Team Wins the World Championship.

The team is made up of Indiana Quarter Horse Youth Association members from all over the state and is coached by Beau Baird of Greencastle and Amy Winger of Oxford.  Beau is a life long resident of Putnam County and is the son of Jim and Danise Baird.   Beau and Amy have been competing competitively in judging contest for over a decade and have been on numerous teams, 4-H, Association teams and Collegiate (including Purdue University), with great success.  However last year was the first year that they had coached a team.  The team they assembled in 2005 earned the title of Reserve World Champion Team Over all.

This same team was still eligible to compete in August of this year at the Youth World Championship, held in Ft. Worth, TX.  The Horse Judging contest consisted of eight classes, four halter and four performance classes and each team member was required give four sets of oral reasons.

The Horse Judging contest is an activity that requires a variety of skills.  Students evaluate the horses in the halter classes based on the physical characteristics, including, balance, structural correctness, quality, and muscling.  The performance classes are evaluated on brokeness, quality of movement, consistency, and pattern precision.  The classes of animals include ranking four horses from the most desirable to the least desirable

The Indiana team received a World Championship in the Halter Division, a Reserve World Championship in the Performance Division, and a World Championship in the Reasons Division.  Most Importantly, the team was also honored with the title of World Champion Team Overall.  They competed against over 40 other teams in this competition from all over the United States.

Individuals from the Indiana Youth Team that placed in the event include:

Angie Coffman tied for 1st overall in the contest.
Mallory Martin placed 5th overall in the contest.
Sarah Michael placed 6th overall in the contest.
Ashley Davis also participated in the contest.


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